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Wedding Invitation Wording – Should you Include RSVP Cards in your Wedding Invitations?


When you send your wedding invitations, you may be wondering whether to include RSVP cards. It may come as a surprise but getting your wedding guests to respond to your wedding invitation can be tricky. There are several ways to ask your wedding guests to acknowledge their acceptance or decline your invitation. Your guests could call, write, text, email or send an RSVP card so which is the best option?

Very often your closest friends and family will assume that you know that they will be attending your wedding. Therefore they think they do not need to reply to your invitation. Whilst this may be the case, it is likely that you will be asking for more information from your guests on your RSVP cards.

Do you need advice with what else to include in your wedding invitations. Have a read of this useful blog.

handmade paper wedding invitation suite flat lay rsvp invitation bellyband gold leaf edge silk ribbon

What does RSVP mean?

RSVP is an abbreviation of the French phrase ‘répondez s’il vous plaît’. When translated this means ‘respond please’. As with so many French figures of speech, it was imported into the English language in the 1800s by socialites. It was considered classy!

rsvp card close up hearts brown card bunny tails

What are the benefits of including RSVP cards in your wedding invitations?

When your guests return their RSVP cards to you it is a great way to keep a track of your replies. The RSVP cards can be kept together in your wedding folder and is a perfect way to keep everything organised.

If you are offering your wedding guests a menu choice for the wedding breakfast, the RSVP card is the perfect way to receive their choices. Your invitations will include an insert with your menu options which are all numbered. A chart will be made on the RSVP cards. Your guests can fill in the choices for each person. Again, this is the best way to keep everything organised and in one place.

If you need to gather any other information from your guests such as dietary requirements or a song choice for your band or DJ this can all be noted on the RSVP card.

TOP TIP – the pocketfold wedding invitation is a great way to include your RSVP cards along with any other guest information. Here are 5 reasons to choose a pocketfold wedding invitation.

open pocketfold wedding invitation 3 inserts with gold edge invite glitter edge emerald green velvet ribbon

What wording should be included on RSVP cards?

It is important to ask your guests to reply within a certain timescale. Be specific with a date rather than asking them to reply ASAP. This will give your guests a clear idea of what you are asking of them.

You will need to include the address that you would like the RSVP cards to be returned to. This may be your home address or perhaps you have handed over the role of collecting RSVPs to a member of the wedding party. Mums love this job!

It is very important to ask your guests if they have any specific dietary requirements such as being vegetarian of if they have any food allergies. This can be asked on your RSVP cards.

Your guests should be able to accept or decline your invitation with either a tick box or by crossing out an appropriate line. Don’t forget to leave a line for your guests to put their name too. Anonymous replies will not be helpful!

hand holding rsvp card taking out of pocket in wedding  invitation

TOP TIP – How you can encourage your guests to return their RSVP cards

If you include a printed addressed envelope with the RSVP cards this will be very helpful to your guests. You can even go one step further and include a stamp. Anything that makes life easier for your guests will encourage them to return the RSVP card to you.

Alternative options to RSVP cards

There are many ways to ask your guests to respond to your invitation to your wedding. You may want to save space in your invitations if you have a lot of information that you would like to include. There are several alternative ways to ask your guests to reply.

Email – you can set up a wedding email address for your guests to reply to. By setting up a separate email address this will help to keep your replies in one place.

Phone number – you can ask guests to reply to your invitation by calling, texting or using WhatsApp.

TOP TIP – if you are using a phone number only provide one number. This method of reply can be tricky to keep track of. Adding more then one phone number will complicate things further.

Wedding website – many couples like to set up their own wedding website to offer more in-depth information about their wedding. This can also incorporate an rsvp page. The details for your wedding website and how to reply would be included on your invitation.

If you decide to use any of these alternative RSVP options, then I would recommend that you also include the date by which you would like them to reply. This will encourage your guests to send their response.

flat ivory wedding invitation gold edge and gold sparkly ribbon gold pen

As you can see there are many advantages to including an RSVP card in your wedding invitations. Whilst there are several ways to ask your guests to reply, the RSVP cards are the best way to keep your replies organised and enable you to gather any extra information that you may need from our guests.

There are of course no guarantees of a fool proof way to get your guests to reply. However, the simplest and most effective way to encourage those replies is to include an RSVP card with a return by date and a stamped addressed envelope.

If you would like any help with any aspect of your handmade wedding invitations and stationery, get in touch. I would love to help.

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Wedding Invitations – 5 Reasons to Choose Pocketfold Wedding Invitations


There are many different styles of wedding invitations available to choose from including pocketfold wedding invitations. So why choose this style? There are several reasons including its versatility and its multitude of design styles. Pocketfold wedding invitations are a very popular choice with many of my clients because of its versatility. Here are 5 reasons to choose pocketfold wedding invitations for you and your wedding guests.

1. Perfect place for extra guest information

As the name would suggest, the pocketfold wedding invitation is a folded card. Inside the card is a neat internal pocket which can hold pieces of card. When you send your guests their wedding invitation there will often be extra information that you would like to provide.

pocketfold wedding invitation 3 inserts gold edge roll of emerald velvet ribbon

The internal pocket is a great place to include any extra information which can be printed onto separate pieces of card. The pocketfold wedding invitation is very useful for keeping all the important information secure and in one place. If you need help with what to include in your wedding invitation, you will find this blog post very useful.

inside of pocketfold wedding invitation 3 inserts gold edge in pocket information gifts rsvp

2. Design versatility of a pocketfold wedding invitations

Pocketfold wedding invitations are a very versatile style of invite. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can be opened in a variety of ways. It can open like a book and the internal pocket can either on the left or the right of the inside of the invitation. Alternatively, you can open and read the invitation from top to bottom with the pocket being at the bottom of the invitation. The usual shape would be square or rectangular and is available in a variety of sizes.

front of pocketfold wedding invitation white silver edge teal velvet ribbon crystal embellishment

There is also the envelope style pocketfold which has a flap like an envelope. There are various ways to keep this style of invitation closed including a bellyband or a tied ribbon.

inside pocketfold wedding invitation righthand pocket information and rsvp card burgundy white inside floral bellyband

3. Pocketfold wedding invitations have endless style possibilities

The pocketfold wedding invitation is so versatile when it comes to design and decoration because it is a blank canvas. You can have any style that you like to compliment your wedding theme and colours. You may be looking for a rustic look with linen and twine or something more opulent with velvet ribbon and a wax seal.

offset image pocketfold wedding invitation caramel colour bellyband linen twine date tag bunny tails

Pocketfold wedding invitations can also be very luxurious. Heavyweight card can be used throughout adding extra luxury. The information inserts can be double layered to add extra weight and luxury. Alternatively, you can keep the design simple and elegant with beautiful fonts and delicately textured card. The possibilities are truly endless.

flat lay wedding invitation suite champagne glitter large champagne satin ribbon bow matching flat invitation save the date

4. Show it off

As so much thought and effort goes into the design of any wedding invitation it is a shame to hide it away in a cupboard for safe keeping. The square or rectangular pocketfold wedding invitation is a perfect style to be displayed at home by your guests. This style of invitation can stand just like a greeting card whilst keeping all the information organised within the internal pocket. A perfect daily reminder of your ensuing wedding day.

white pocketfold wedding invitation names and wedding date gold edge emerald green velvet ribbon gold glitter edge

If you chose to have the envelope style of pocketfold, this is more difficult to display as it usually comes with a bellyband or ribbon to hold it closed.

rustic brown wedding invitation bellyband burlap lace twine bow wooden heart date tag

5. Pocketold wedding invitations will impress your guests

Who doesn’t love to receive a wedding invitation? The anticipation of opening the envelope to reveal the invitation is exciting right?!

To receive a pocketfold wedding invitation adds that extra excitement. Firstly, it is a great way to create a first impression of you wedding day for your guests. The design and weight of the invitation will really set the scene of your day and create excitement.

As your guest opens the pocketfold wedding invitation they will be ‘wowed’ by the amount of information and organisation within the invitation itself.

You can’t go wrong with a pocketfold wedding invitation. It is versatile in shape and size and can be decorated in any style of your choosing. Your guests will love the organisation of this style of information and will be grateful of all the information that you have provided for them to make the day as special for them as it will be for you.

There is a pocketfold wedding invitation to suit all couples and the chosen wedding themes. Get in touch to discuss your ideas. I would love to help.

For other styles of wedding invitations, have a read of this interesting blog post.

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Wedding Planning – When You Should Order Your Luxury Wedding Invites


You have probably read lots of advice on when to send your invitations (that is another blog to follow). However, when do you actually order your luxury wedding invites?

TOP TIP – Do not leave it until 1 month before you want to send them out!

You probably have a full time job, you have a wedding to plan and I bet you are even moving house….am I right? The little job of ordering your wedding invitations can soon sneak up on you.

luxury wedding invites graphic when to order your wedding invitations advice

This may sound like a really long time before your wedding but really, it isn’t. Here are my reasons why…

Timescale Guide

10 months….

Finding the perfect luxury wedding invites can take time. It’s now 10 months before your wedding and you have probably finalised your wedding theme and colour scheme so you can start to research your wedding invitations. There are many different styles of luxury wedding invites – here is a helpful guide to the Different Types of Wedding Invitations

9 months….

Begin to search for the perfect wedding stationer to make your luxury wedding invites. Chat to those you like the look of and order samples to get a feel for their work. Reading reviews from their past clients is a great way to find out more about them. You can read over 65 of my reviews on facebook and google.

8 months….

If you haven’t already, book your wedding stationer and order your luxury wedding invites. Here is a useful guide on How to Order Your Wedding Invitations

luxury wedding invites Lisa painting at desk flowers in window colourful

This sounds too early for me. Why should I order my luxury wedding invites 8 months before my wedding?

How many times have you found a ‘thing’ that you love and you think about it….ponder on it….should I, shouldn’t I?? Then you finally decide, ‘yes, I want that thing’ and then you can’t get it because it is UNAVAILABLE! Nooooo. Well, if you find a wedding stationer that is the perfect fit, then get them booked ASAP so you don’t miss out. My diary gets very full. In order to maintain my high standards whilst being able to offer substantial time to each of my clients, I have limited availability. If you find what you want, why wait? Order it now.

luxury wedding invites hand painting watercolour leaves

What if I don’t want to send my invitations yet?

Ordering early does not mean you have to receive your invitations and store them for months before sending. Most stationers accept orders with a small deposit and the details can be finalised nearer to the time that you would like them for . I like to ask my clients when booking roughly how many invitations they think they might need and the style they are considering. I will then get back in touch with enough time to discuss the design brief, create proofs and make your luxury wedding invites with plenty of time for you to send them to your guests.

luxury wedding invites wedding invitation inserts gold foil gold ribbon foliage decoration

Me, Myself and I

You may not be surprised to know that like many wedding stationery designers, I do not have an army of workers or a team of designers. It’s just me, which I am perfectly happy with. Listening to your requirements, designing your luxury wedding invites, creating proofs, tweaking, ordering, making, all takes a great deal of time. Perfection takes time too and I aim for nothing less than perfect when I am making your invitations to one of the most important days of your life! Placing your order within 8 – 10 months allows me time to make you something just beautiful that will WOW you and your guests.

luxury wedding invites invitation suite flatlay silver foil glitter crystal embellishment navy ribbon

Tick it off the list

Planning your wedding can seem a little stressful for some and definitely time consuming. Researching styles, suppliers, timescales etc all takes a great deal of your precious time. Booking your wedding stationer and ordering your luxury wedding invites is another thing you can tick off your growing to-do list. You know what a great feeling that is!!

So now you have chosen your stationer, ordered your luxury wedding invites, and ticked it off your list. It feels oh so good and not to mention very exciting doesn’t it? Sending your wedding invitations is the first glimpse your guests will have into your wedding day. Time to get creative and have fun.

‘Lisa has been extremely helpful, delivery was prompt and communication was excellent throughout and she has made me the most perfect invites thank you soo much I would highly recommend you to anyone.’ – Joanne

I would love to help with your luxury wedding invites and stationery. Get in touch by clicking HERE to arrange a quick chat.

luxury wedding invites info graphic

Handmade Wedding Invites – What are the Different Types of Wedding Invitations?


There are many different types of wedding invitations available. Couples often ask me to explain the difference between each type. Whilst I design and hand-make a variety of different types of luxury wedding invitations, these are the 5 types that couples ask for most often. Each of these types of wedding invitations can be decorated and finished in any design style to match your wedding theme and colours. One of the first things to consider when choosing your luxury handmade wedding invitations is the amount of information that you would like to provide for your guests. This will help when choosing the type of wedding invitation that is best for you. If you are unsure of what to include, this is something that I can help you with.

If you would like help or advice on the best type of wedding invitations for you, then I would love to help so please get in touch. I have also written several other blog posts which you may find very useful. The links are at the bottom of this page.

1. Pocketfold wedding invitations

Pocketfold wedding invitations come in many different sizes, usually square or rectangular. The pocketfold wedding invitation has been around for a long time and has been extremely popular over the years. They can be very luxurious and heavyweight which gives a feel of grandeur for your wedding. A great first impression of your wedding day.

These wedding invitations open up to reveal the invitation and information details on the inside. As the name suggests, inside the invitation there is a pocket. These types of wedding invitations are perfect if you want to provide your guests with information and an RSVP card. The information inserts are neatly stacked in a staggered display within the pocket. This invitation can also stand up so that it can be displayed. 

types of wedding invitations pocketfold invitation silver glitter foil edge navy ribbon wire crystal embellishment
types of wedding invitations luxury foil edge invitation inserts

2. Pocketfold wedding invitation with belly band

This type of wedding invitation is another pocketfold which can have a more modern feel. The pocketfold opens out the same as the original pocketfold wedding invitation and has an internal pocket for information inserts. However, the pocketfold is held closed with a belly band. In order to open the invitation and reveal the information inside, the belly band needs to be removed. This is a lovely way to add another layer of surprise and anticipation to your handmade wedding invitations. Like the original pocketfold wedding invitations, these work best with the extra information inserts added to the pocket.

rustic handmade wedding invitations kraft card pocketfold burlap twine lace wooden heart bellyband
rustic handmade wedding invitations inside pocketold inserts kraft card

3. Bundle wedding invitation with belly band

If you are looking for something a little less elaborate than the pocketfold wedding invitation, then the bundle invitations with a belly band may be just what you need. If you would still like to provide your guests with extra information about the wedding day along with an RSVP card, this is a great way to do it. The inserts can be staggered so that they don’t cover the invitation. The belly band is a perfect way to decorate and finish this type of wedding invitation. These types of wedding invitations are a popular choice for both full wedding day invitations and evening invitations too. They can look fantastic with or without inserts. 

types of wedding invitations handmade invite rsvp bellyband white textured painted foliage wreath teal envelopes
luxury handmade wedding invitation bundle rose gold glitter bellyband copper foil edge

4. Flat wedding invitation

These types of wedding invitations are more often than not used as an evening invitation. Although, they can of course be used for day wedding invitations too if you require something without any extra guest information. The invitation is a flat, single sided design. RSVP information can be added to the bottom of the invitation or it can be teamed with a separate RSVP card. If you have chosen to have a more elaborate invitation for your wedding day guests, the flat evening invitation can then compliment your day invites by using the same design style. 

luxury wedding invitations evening invitation flat textured ivory gold foil gold lame ribbon
handmade wedding invitation marble effect geometric lines silver foil edge

5. Wallet wedding invitation

Wallet types of wedding invitations can be very elegant. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wallet can be quite versatile too. Adding a wallet to a simple flat invitation will turn the invitation into something more elaborate and heavyweight. Within the wallet you can just have a flat invitation and you can also add information inserts. The inserts can all be the same size and kept as separate inserts or they can be held together at the top and then staggered. 

types of wedding invitations wallet inserts tied navy ribbon ivory printed card
rustic wallet types of wedding invitations kraft card burgundy ribbon floral wreath names
rustic wallet types of wedding invitations kraft card burgundy ribbon tied inserts floral wreath names

These are my 5 most popular types of wedding invitations, however there are many more options available. Whatever type you choose, your luxury handmade wedding invitations should have the wow factor. There are many design styles to choose from which can be adapted for each of the wedding invitation types too.

Alternative types of wedding invitations include concertina, traditional folded, chequebook, luxury boxed, gatefold, laser-cut and many more. If you would like to know more about any of these types of invitations, please feel free to ask. You can get in touch HERE or;

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How to Place Your Wedding Invitation Order in 10 Easy Steps

Luxury Wedding Invitations – How to Place Your Wedding Invitation Order in 10 Easy Steps


Your wedding planning has started, and I am sure you have discovered there are many things to think about! Your luxury wedding invitation order will be one of those things. I have created a helpful step by step guide as to how the order process works from initial enquiry to design completion.

1. What do you require?

When you first get in touch you will probably have lots of questions. In order to help with your wedding invitation order, I will have a chat with you to establish what you are looking for. We can discuss any ideas you may have and the style of invitation that you would like. I will find out more about the style or theme of your wedding day and how your invitations can continue your theme. This will be your guests first insight into your wedding day and it is essential to get the styling exactly right.

We will also need to discuss details that you require for your wedding invitations such as the amount of information you want to give your guests. Do they need information about local accommodation? Are you having menu choices for your guests? How many invitations do you need? Have a read of my wedding invitation wording blog for more help with this.

wedding invitation order white green leaf wreath silhouette dark green envelope invitation bundle

2. Discovery consultation

In order to find out about your design style and the wording information required there are several ways we can chat.

Many of us lead busy lives and time is often short. Chatting by email in your own time may be the best means of communication for you.

Alternatively, we can have a chat over the telephone and follow up with images and ideas sent by email.

If you prefer something more visual and personal a zoom call may be more appropriate for you. I will be able to show you some of my collections along with card and embellishment samples.

wedding invitation order rolls of ribbon stacked

3. Personalised proposal

Once I have an idea of your requirements, I will put together an initial proposal just for you. In the proposal will be a short insight into how we can work together on your wedding invitations and how the process will work. The proposal will also include some wedding invitation images and estimated prices based on what we have already discussed. At this stage nothing is set in stone and can be changed or developed to suit.

wedding invitation order proposal graphic image of hands making

4. Sample wedding invitation

The next stage would be to order a sample. Your colour scheme is used where possible. Wording would be fictitious at this stage. The main purpose of a sample is to allow you to see the quality of my work and the materials that I use. If you have chosen to go for a bespoke design any fees will be discussed before making a sample for you.

handmade wedding invitations invite painted foliage wreath textured white teal envelope

5. Place your wedding invitation order

Hopefully you will be over the moon with your luxury wedding invitation sample, and would like to place your wedding invitation order at this stage. To place your order I will need your personal details along with your order requirements. A rough order is acceptable initially with confirmed quantities to be agreed before your order is made. Your order details will be captured on a simple electronic form which will be emailed to you. This information is for my eyes only and is never shared with a third party.

luxury wedding invitation flat invite rose gold glitter satin ribbon bow copper foil edge

6. Secure your booking with a deposit

Once I have received your wedding invitation order, I will send you an invoice for 25% of the total order. This can be paid by bank transfer to secure your order. You are now booked into my diary with all prices confirmed and secured. You can add to your order at a later date if required.

7. Proofs for your wedding invitations

This is where things start to get exciting! Your invitations can now start to take shape. I will ask you to provide me with all the wording for your wedding invitations including any information inserts and RSVP details. Please do not panic, I can help with the wording and suggestions of what you should include. If you prefer, you can send your information in note form and allow me to arrange it for you. Once all the wording has been collated, I will arrange it onto each part of your invitation and send you electronic proofs. It is your responsibility to carefully check the proofs. Asking a friend or family member to cast their eye over everything is also recommended. If you would like to make any changes, now is your last chance before production.

wedding invitation rustic inside pocketold inserts kraft card

8. Time to start making!

So, now you are happy with the design, the colours and the arrangement of your luxury wedding invitations. You have triple checked the wording on every part of your invitation and it is all now signed off and good to go. After I have received your approval, I will send your balance invoice. If you have decided that you would like a few more wedding invitations adding to your order, now is your chance. Work can now commence on your order!!  

wedding invitation order image lady at desk cutting stationery window behind

9. Delivery

As I progress with work on your handmade wedding invitations, I will keep you updated with timescales and an expected delivery date. Once finished your order will be carefully packaged using recycled or biodegradable packaging where possible (I aim for safety and environmentally friendly packing over pretty). When your order is finally ready to go, I will be in touch to confirm the delivery details and a convenient delivery day.

10. Review your experience

When you receive your order the excitement about your wedding day will be very real. You can finally tell the world (well your guests) all the details about your wedding day. I will be in touch to make sure you are 100% happy with your wedding invitation order. It would be lovely and hugely helpful to other couples searching for their perfect wedding invitations, if you could review your experience working with me. There are lots of ways to leave me a review. They can be left on Facebook, or Google, or it can be sent directly to me by email.

wedding invitation order graphic review wording blue background

IMPORTANT – please read

The most important thing to remember when placing your wedding invitation order is I am here to help every step of the way. My aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible. I dedicate my time to every client and pay great attention to detail so that the design journey from conception to completion is smooth and effortless resulting in your dream wedding invitations and stationery. Your luxury wedding invitations will wow you and your guests, providing a lasting memory of one of the most important days of your life. Along with my passion to design and create, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have been working with wedding clients across the UK since 2007.

Please get in touch HERE for an informal chat. I would love to hear your wedding plans and can’t wait to help you with your luxury wedding invitations and stationery.


wedding stationer image of ladies face hair in bun

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