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Save The Date – Reasons Why You Should Send Wedding Save The Date Cards


Once you have booked the wedding date, your wedding planning to-do list will be full steam ahead. Wedding save the date cards may well be one of the first items on your to-do list. Possibly with a question mark. Whilst not mandatory they are a very useful way of making sure your guests are available for your wedding date. I know from experience that the earlier you can let your guests know of your wedding date, the more likely they are to be able to attend. I chose not to send wedding save the date cards when I got married. As a result some of my most important guests had already booked their holidays. Here are a few useful reasons why you should send wedding save the date cards.

wedding save the data cards postponement ivory Kraft brown envelope hand holding

What is the purpose of a wedding save the date card?

A save the date card is essentially alerting your guests that they are invited to your wedding and a formal wedding invitation will follow. Your guests can mark the date on their busy calendars. This allows them to make plans around your wedding date and avoid double booking. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a busy schedule these days? Many people book both personal and professional dates and events well in advance. The more notice you can give your guests the more likely they are to be able to attend. Wedding save the date cards are also particularly useful if the wedding is abroad or your guests will need to travel. This allows them extra time to make arrangements. 

save the date ivory card red shiny edge red envelope hand held

When should we send our wedding save the dates?

Save the date cards can be sent as soon as you have booked your wedding date and confirmed your venue. If you have booked your wedding date a long time in advance and would like to wait a little, then a good time scale would be 12-18 months before your wedding to send save the date cards. Bear in mind that you will need to have a confirmed guest list before sending wedding save the dates. Once a save the date card is sent, your guest will expect a formal invitation to follow so you can’t un-invite them at this stage! My advice would be to only send them to those you know you 100% want at your wedding. You can always add to the list as you go.

save the date cards ivory pale pink pink glitter crystal embellishment

What information should you include on wedding save the date cards?

The great thing about save the date cards is that you can keep them simple. As mentioned earlier, this is simply to notify your guests that they are invited to your wedding and should save the date in their diary. Your names, wedding date, and the location are sufficient. It is important to mention the location if the wedding is going to be abroad or if your guests will need to travel. However, some couples like to keep the venue secret for a little longer. If you plan to send wedding save the date cards to both day and evening guests you should also specify this on the card to avoid any confusion at a later date. My advice would be to send save the dates to your day guests initially and then consider the evening guests a little later on.

wedding save the dates ivory card blue ribbon bow hand held faded background

Can’t we just send wedding invitations really early and not send save the date cards?

Quite often a lot of information will need to be included in a wedding invitation. It will need to include the venue, time of ceremony, possibly menu options, local accommodation, gift information, RSVP card with reply date etc. (For more help with this click here.) Much of the information that needs to be included may not have been finalised at the early stages of planning. It is also possible that you may not have finalised your wedding colour scheme. This would need to be reflected in your invitations. It is not essential to show your wedding style and colours in your save the date cards. If necessary they can be made in neutral colours. This also adds to the anticipation of receiving the actual wedding invitation.

wedding save the date postponement white rose gold glitter rose pink ribbon knot lots of cards

Brides prerogative

So you have booked your wedding date and the excitement is building. You want the whole world to know you are getting married. You are probably simply just too excited and can’t wait to share your wedding date with your guests. This is a perfect reason to send wedding save the date cards! This will also build up more excitement and anticipation for the wedding as your guests will eagerly await formal invitations.

wedding save the date cards rustic lace burlap twine bow wooden heart dried flowers

We are planning for a brighter future

Whilst save the date cards are not as essential as your wedding invitations, they are very useful. It is the perfect way to ensure you have your most important guests at your wedding. With the postponement of many weddings throughout 2020 and now 2021 due to COVID-19, the future is looking extremely busy for weddings once they return. Making sure your guests save the date for your wedding in advance has never been so important as we all begin to catch up on the holidays and events we have missed. We are all keen to plan and fill up our diaries again with exciting things to look forward to. Now more than ever we want to be surrounded by our family and friends so don’t leave it to chance. Send a wedding save the date card!

Let’s get planning and looking forward.

We absolutely love our Save The Day cards that Lisa made for us. We chose a lavender theme and Lisa is going to work with us to incorporate lavender into the place settings on the day. The service was amazing, Lisa is so friendly and we are so excited to send the cards out ♥️‘ – Kerry & Richard

wedding save the dates lilac watercolour floral tag white string bow dried lavendar

If you are ready to order your save the date cards or would like more information about any wedding stationery please get in touch by clicking the button below.

Wedding Planning – 10 Top Tips You Will Need to Know When Choosing Your Wedding Invites


Nothing makes it seem more real than receiving your dream wedding invites and delivering them to your guests. This is the first glimpse into the style or theme of your wedding day. Before you can send your wedding invites, there are a few things to consider first. Style, wording, colours, timescales can all seem like endless and overwhelming decisions. Well it doesn’t have to be. Here are few handy tips to get you started.

1. Do you want to send save the dates before your wedding invites?

Save the date cards are sent before wedding invites and are usually sent within a month or two of setting your wedding date and confirming your venue. This is essentially alerting your guests to the fact that they are going to be invited to your wedding and that they should mark the date in their calendars. However, they certainly aren’t mandatory and it does also mean that you need to have your guest list confirmed at the very early stages of your wedding planning.

wedding invites save the date card ivory with red foil edge hand holding

2. Define your wedding style or theme

When you are planning your wedding, before you can even think about your wedding invites, you will need to decide on a theme or style for your day. This will also help to determine the formality of your wedding. Pinterest is a great place to start when looking for inspiration. Whatever style or theme you choose, your wedding invites should reflect that. This is the first glimpse your guests will have into your wedding day giving them a taste of what is to come!

flatlay wedding invites inserts ivory gold foil and ribbon candles foliage on stone floor

3. Choose your wedding colours

Choosing your colour scheme is really important when creating your style. Your chosen colours will need to flow through your decor, flowers, cake, bridesmaids dresses etc. Often the time of year can help with choosing your colours such as Spring fresh pastels or Autumnal rich berry tones. Choose colours you are comfortable with and don’t feel compelled to use the latest trend colours. For example, neon yellow might not be your thing!!

wedding invites card colour chart ribbons on table

4. How many wedding invites do you need?

The most common mistake that people make when counting up their numbers for wedding invites, is to count the number of guests. Generally your guests will be in couples or families. Therefore as a rough gauge, you will probably require approximately half the amount of wedding invites to the number of guests. This is always a very welcome surprise when my clients realise their invitation bill just halved! Always order a few spare in case you have missed somebody off your list.

5. Choosing the right wedding invite format for you

Wedding invites come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Pocketfolds, bundles, flat cards, wallets etc. I bet you are confused now right?! The first thing to decide is the design style that you like the appearance of. Perhaps you like wedding invites with belly bands or invitations with a safe place such as a pocket to keep all of the extra information. Once you have chosen a design style, then you need to think about the amount of extra information you want to provide your guests. If it is simply the venue, time and date, then a flat card may be suitable for you. If you would like to add inserts with information such as accommodation, gifts and an RSVP, then a pocketfold of some description may be more appropriate.

luxury handmade wedding invite ivory card copper foil edge

6. Consider your budget

The price of a wedding invite can vary dramatically. If you have a budget that you need to stick to, then this will determine your choices. However invitations can often be adjusted to suit your budget whether it needs to be simplified to reduce the cost without altering the quality or perhaps the embellishments and finishing need to be enhanced for something more luxurious. 

7. Wedding invite samples

Wedding invites can look very beautiful on a screen, especially when the images have been taken in a studio setting with perfect lighting and carefully chosen props. It is often very difficult to show the true colours and textures of an invitation in a photo. The feel and weight of an invitation is also very important, especially if you are looking for something luxurious. Therefore, my advice would be to order a sample before making your final decision.

luxury wedding invitations silver glitter wire crystal embellishment pocketfold flat lay

8. What information should I include?

Wedding invites are first and foremost a means of information for your guests. The couples names, wedding date and venue are of course vital information. Reply details are also of great importance so that your guests can inform you of their acceptance. You may choose to keep your invitations simple and only include the essential details. Alternatively you may choose to inform your guests about local accommodation or taxi companies particularly if your guests do not know the area local to your wedding venue. You may have a gift list or would prefer money towards a honeymoon or house renovation. Some couples like to offer their guests a choice of menu for the wedding breakfast which also needs to be included in the wedding invites. For more information on what to include in your wedding invitations, please read more HERE.

rustic wedding invites brown card painted colourful florals information rsvp inserts

9. Book your wedding invite production slot early

As a wedding stationer my diary can fill up very quickly several months in advance. There are certain months of the year which can be more busy than others. It is advisable to book your production slot with your wedding stationer as soon as possible particularly for wedding invites. A production slot booking will secure your space in the diary even if you haven’t made a final decision on your chosen wedding stationery. Highly recommended.

wedding invites text reading excellent customer review for Lisa

10. Ask for advice

Chances are, you have never done this before so choosing and ordering your wedding invitations and stationery can seem a little daunting initially. There is so much to choose from and consider but hopefully these tips will be a great help to you. I have been making wedding stationery since 2007 and I have lots of knowledge on this subject so please do ask for advice. No matter how trivial it may seem, I am here to help.

inspired by lisa owner lisa in studio

Your wedding invitations and stationery journey should be smooth and effortless from design conception through to completion. This is an exciting part of your wedding planning journey as you finally get to share the first glimpses of your much anticipated wedding day with your guests. I dedicate my time to all of my clients so that I can offer you the best help and advice along the way to make this journey fun and enjoyable. Please get in touch to arrange a free zoom consultation or an informal chat by email or telephone.

wedding planning graphic floral invite text on top

Wedding Stationery Staffordshire – Instagram Round up of 2020


Hello, my name is Lisa and as you probably know I make wedding stationery in Staffordshire. Well, I do on a normal year. 2020 has been quite a year right!? A year which we definitely don’t want to repeat. For me, like so many in our beloved wedding industry, it has been tough on many levels. Trying to keep positive, be strong for my couples and actually keep my business afloat has all taken a great deal of  strength. I have had to dig deep and keep smiling.

I want to end on a positive, so here are my top nine Instagram posts which I think sum things up pretty well for me.

1. Handmade Christmas Cards

wedding stationery staffordshire 4 white christmas cards  with baubles and christmas lights

Making handmade Christmas cards isn’t something I would ordinarily do as November through to February is my busiest time of year, but not this year. Making the cards gave me a focus and allowed me to do what I do best which is design and make and you guys loved them too which made me smile….a lot! I really enjoyed making the Christmas cards and was so very grateful to all that bought them. Who knows, maybe next year I will do them again!

2. Murphy and Me

photo of Lisa and dog scenic lake behind

I am so incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful location and be able to make wedding stationery here in Staffordshire. Rudyard lake is 5 minutes walk from my house which is in Rudyard village, in the Staffordshire Moorlands. If you ever get a chance, do pay the lake a visit as it truly is stunning whatever the weather. I love to walk with our slightly crazy Labradoode Murphy, and you lot obviously like to see this too as it was my 2nd most popular post. I think Murphy was the star of the show here. Who doesn’t love a doggie post?

photo rudyard lake misty boats

3. Our Wedding Anniversary – 15 Years

wedding stationery staffordshire wedding photo bride groom guests happy smiling faces confetti

My hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on the 2nd July. Not quite the celebration we may have wanted however the first lockdown just lifted in time for us to go out for a lovely meal. We were very thankful to be able to celebrate and reminisce with our two amazing children, about our beautiful day at Mottram Hall in 2005. Beautiful memories of a perfect day.

4. Reels!

The big thing this year has definitely been TikTok and there have been some fantastic and very inspiring videos throughout lockdown which have kept us all entertained. Instagram, not wanting to miss out on the action, brought out reels which is essentially their version of TikTok. I decided to have a go and do something fun. I cringe when I watch it, but it did do rather well with lots and LOTS of views. You should watch it but just don’t tell me. Ha ha.

5. Giveaway

wedding stationery staffordshire giveaway graphic 4 photos cards food hamper bride groom menu place setting

I teamed up with two of my favourite wedding suppliers and decided to do a giveaway to say thank you to all of the couples that have continued to support us throughout 2020. Linda at Buttercup Cakes and Chelsea at Chelsea Shoesmith Photography both donated some fabulous prizes along with my £50 wedding stationery voucher and two packs of handmade Christmas cards. The winner was over the moon.

6. Rustic Wedding Invitations

wedding stationery staffordshire wedding invitation brown card burlap twine eucalyptus sprig

Having not made many wedding invitations at all this year, I haven’t shared as many photos as normal. It was therefore lovely to see an invitation pop up on my top nine. My most popular image of a wedding invitation this year was a very rustic invitation with a burlap bellyband, twine, personalised tag and a sprig of eucalyptus. It went down very well and the couple were over the moon with their invitations.
‘Lisa oh my god, these invitations are absolutely stunning! They are everything we wanted and more thank you so much for all of your hard work, excellent communication and I’ll be sure to recommend you to everyone I know !!
Thank you, thank you, thank you’

wedding stationery staffordshire wedding invitation brown card burlap twine eucalyptus sprig flat invitation

7. Christmas Cards Again

I made two design ranges for the Christmas cards. When I shared the first photo, it went down a storm and was my number one post on Instagram for the year. This image also did very well and made it to my top nine. I think I definitely need to do these again next year right!?

8. Introducing Lisa

wedding stationery staffordshire close photo Lisa hair up jumper

2020 has definitely been about putting myself out there. I am not very good at putting myself in front of the camera but I knew this year more than ever I needed to put a face to my business. People love to know about people, myself included, so sharing a little about me along with a photo had to be done here and there. I have actually loved the response too so expect to see more of me in 2021.

9. Doing What I love

wedding stationery staffordshire photo Lisa cutting card studio setting

I love that this is my last photo as this is me doing what I love, making wedding stationery. Hopefully 2021 will see me doing lots more of this and of course, I will be sharing.

It has been quite therapeutic to do this blog and actually take some time to focus on the positives from 2020. On a personal note, I got to spend precious time with my family and we got lots of work done on our house (which is a renovation project). For my business, I have learnt an immense amount. I have completed courses, attended challenges and connected with lots of other wedding suppliers which has been so valuable. I even won the title of ‘Champion Blogger’ which I am really rather proud of.

So thank you to each and every person that has supported me throughout this strangest of years and a particular thank you to Maddy Shine for encouraging this and all of my blogs. Maddy has been one of my many inspirations and motivators for this year. She also creates the most amazing GIFS. Go check her out here.

So all that remains is for me to wish you and your family a peaceful and cosy Christmas however you may be spending it. Take care lots of love.

2021….BRING IT ON! Cheers.

wedding stationery staffordshire lisa smiling long hair Christmas antlers jumper glass of wine

Instagram top nine posts

wedding stationery staffordshire grid 9 images from inspired by lisa

1. Dare I mention the ‘C’ word!!?
2. Starting my day with a brisk walk with @moofydoodle.
3. Today is our wedding anniversary. 15 years!
4. Who can relate!?
5. G I V E A W A Y – As Christmas approaches, we want to spread some joy and thank our fantastic followers for your support with this FAB giveaway.
6. I am still here, drowning in invitations!!
7. After the AMAZING response to my Christmas card post yesterday (thank you), I thought I had better show you all my 2nd range.
8. T H A N K Y O U – To every single person that has ordered Christmas cards,
9. Hello – I seem to have had lots of new visitors to my page over the last few weeks so thought I would introduce myself. 🙂

To view my wedding stationery collections and for more information regarding bespoke wedding stationery, please click HERE.

Wedding Checklist – Wedding Supplier Spotlight Wedding Photography by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography


This is the 2nd in my ‘Wedding Supplier Spotlight’ series which will hopefully help you with your wedding checklist. Next up in the series is the very lovely Chelsea from Chelsea Shoesmith Photography. Chelsea is based in South Manchester, but as you are about to read, she travels far and wide! Choosing your wedding photographer is something that should be chosen early on in your quest to fulfill your wedding checklist. The most fabulous wedding photographers can get booked up well in advance and you don’t want to miss out. After all, your wedding is one day, your images are forever. I have had the pleasure of knowing Chelsea for several years and I can honestly say, she is one of the loveliest, bubbliest, most positive people I have ever met. And of course, her photography is stunning!

wedding checklist Chelsea shoesmith photograph ladies face

How long have you been a wedding photographer and how did it come about?

I shot my first wedding 12 years ago when I was 17! I had always been creative and loved taking pictures. I hadn’t been to many weddings and so I found them utterly fascinating and beautiful. When a colleague at my part time retail job was getting married but said she couldn’t afford a photographer, I said I’d photograph it for her. I was so nervous and excited. It then snowballed from there to what it is today.

wedding checklist gold frames table plan gold leaf roses foliage candles

How would you describe your style of wedding photography?

My style aims to be fun, natural and happy. I pride myself on being friendly and bubbly to put my couples and their guests at ease. It really is a compliment when couples say they felt so unexpectedly relaxed having their photograph taken. I want it to be an easy and fun experience. It doesn’t have to be scary! I like my finished shots to be vibrant and sharp.

wedding checklist bride and groom dog bouquet stone wall

You have photographed many weddings abroad. Do you have a favourite destination?

I have been so very lucky to photograph weddings in Iceland, Majorca and many in Italy. I have also travelled to Toronto, Norway and Malta for engagement shoots and Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland for commercial photography jobs. I absolutely loved Iceland, it was like a playground. However despite it being an unpopulated island, it was FULL of tourists which added a new challenge to my photography, trying to avoid people in the background! I love to travel and I love photography so combining the two is an absolute dream!

wedding checklist bride and groom embracing waterfall mountains behind

How far in advance should clients book you for their wedding date so they can tick you off that wedding checklist?

I think the furthest in advance I’ve been booked in the past is two and a half years but really, it needn’t be that long. Twelve to eighteen months seems to be the average. I tend to be one of the very first suppliers booked by my couples after they’ve selected a date and venue.

wedding checklist bride and bride holding hands city centre

We recently worked together on a luxury wedding styled shoot. What did you enjoy most about the day?

Being a photographer is often a lonely job and so being at this shoot and working along side lots of talented suppliers really made for a special day. It felt like a collaboration as opposed to how I normally work which is usually telling the story of what I see. This luxury photo shoot was perfect for me to get involved and help style (though I am sure everyone there could tell there is a reason I am a photographer and not a stylist haha) (To have a nosey behind the scenes from our luxury photoshoot at Upper House Hayfield, click here.)

wedding checklist table number gold frame foliage flowers table plate glasses

When couples are looking for their perfect wedding photographer, what should they consider when making their decision? Would you suggest a photographer wedding checklist?

There is so much to consider, here are 10 things just off the top of my head:
1. Do you LOVE their work? I don’t just mean like, absolutely love their work?
2. Do you think you’d be friends with them if you met them in a different way i.e as a work colleague? Are you happy to introduce them to all of your friends and family? You’re going to be spending a lot of time with them and it’s important you get on like a mansion on fire!
3. Do they listen to you? And are they interested in your thoughts and ideas? Is their approach in keeping with what you want? Posed portraits, traditional, none traditional, all natural?
4. Are they insured? That’s a biggie!
5. Are they willing to show you full wedding galleries as opposed to their favourite few shots from each wedding?
6. Do they have a good online presence? Are they keeping their audience informed of what they’ve been up to?
7. Are they a ‘wedding photographer’ or a ‘photographer’ trust me, there’s a huge difference. Being a wedding photographer requires a whole different skill set.
8. Book an engagement shoot. Practise makes perfect! Get comfortable in front of the camera and figure out what you want from your wedding photographs
9. Do they have a back up plan? Do they have spare equipment? do they regularly back up their images?
10. How long will it take till you receive your images. This is another biggie.

wedding checklist menu gold foil place card tag foliage plate napkin

I hear so many people say ‘I hate having my photo taken’ (including me!). Can you offer any advice on how to deal with this before their Big Day?

Choose a photographer who prides themselves on having a laid back and natural approach and want to ensure they provide a fun and relaxed experience. Having an engagement shoot can also help ease pre wedding nerves.

wedding checklist bride and groom close up smiling embracing

Finally Chelsea, how would you describe you? Tell us what you love.

I enjoy the simple life, a “text book” weekend (as I like to call them) would involve a trail run or long bike ride, a film, hot chocolate and a nice G&T, shared with my lovely Mark. I am very outdoorsy, you would often find me hiking in the mountains, cycling on my mountain bike or training for triathlons. I LOVE food, there isn’t much I wouldn’t eat! Travelling is also a big passion, I am so grateful for all the destination weddings I have done. I feel very lucky.

wedding checklist place card tag gold foil macaron leaf plate foliage

WOW, thank you to Chelsea. There are some fantastic tips here which I am sure you will all find really useful. I especially love Chelsea’s 10 tips for choosing your wedding photographer. Don’t delay and pay Chelsea’s gorgeous website a visit here and get another tick on that wedding checklist! You can also find Chelsea and her beautiful work on facebook and Instagram too. If you are still looking for your wedding cake, then you will definitely want to read about Linda from Buttercup Cakes too.

Lisa xx

Wedding checklist graphic wording over image bride and groom dramatic mountains water

Wedding Planning – Wedding Supplier Spotlight Luxury Wedding Cakes by Buttercup Cakes


Wedding planning can be a HUGE task. As most couples haven’t been involved in wedding planning before, it can seem a little daunting trying to find the right wedding suppliers. I have been making handmade wedding invitations and stationery since 2007. Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many fantastic, talented wedding suppliers. I would love to share some of my favourite and most trusted wedding suppliers with you. This is the first in my series of ‘Wedding Supplier Spotlights’. I hope you find it useful.

wedding planning table plate gold foil edge place tag gold thread gold leaf macaron
Image from our luxury photoshoot

Meet Linda from Buttercup Cakes

First up, is the very lovely Linda from Buttercup Cakes. Linda and I have become great friends over the years and spend many hours discussing weddings. I first found Linda on the internet! I joined her already huge following on facebook when I saw her amazing wedding cakes. Having sampled her cakes on many occasions I can say without any bias, I can truly say they taste divine as well as look amazing.

wedding planning lady decorating cake painting sugar flowers
Linda at work in her studio

So Linda, how long have you been making wedding cakes?

I’ve been making wedding cakes since 2010. After baking and decorating cakes for family and friends for many years, we established Buttercup Cakes working from home in Cheshire. The business has gone from strength to strength and in June 2013 we relocated the business to our lovely studio in Whaley Bridge, in the Peak District.

What is your favourite style of wedding cake to make?

I love to make beautiful, elegant wedding cakes with a contemporary feel, incorporating handmade sugar flowers.

wedding planning white 3 tier cake gold foil white roses leaf trail floral foliage background
Image from our photoshoot

When couples are wedding planning, what things should they know about the cost of a wedding cake?

The cost of a wedding cake will very much depend on the size of the cake – the bigger it is, the more portions it will give and the more expensive it will be. The design of the cake and the amount of time it takes to complete will also impact on the cost. Intricate piping, ruffles and sugar flowers all take many hours and even days to complete so will increase the cost of the cake. Wedding cakes should taste great too!  Great tasting cakes mean using the finest ingredients which don’t come cheap!

wedding planning 5 tier wedding cake white ruffles rink flowers gold glitter
Luxury wedding cake by Buttercup Cakes

I am intrigued, does anybody choose fruit cake ​for their wedding cake ​these days?

There are just so many amazing flavours to choose from nowadays, that not many couples have a traditional rich fruit cake as part of their wedding cake. If they do, it tends to be the top tier which is traditionally kept to be used as a christening cake.

We recently took part in a luxury photoshoot together, what did you enjoy most about the day?

With virtually no weddings this year, I’ve really missed being creative and working with other talented wedding suppliers. The photoshoot was such a great way to showcase what we do and create some beautiful wedding inspiration. Hopefully we will help inspire those that are wedding planning. (for an insight into our day, have a read of my photoshoot blog post)

wedding planning plate place tag gold foil edge green ribbon gold leaf macaron leaf sprig
Image from our luxury photoshoot
wedding planning table place setting champagne glitter personalised band white napkin menu foliage cake
Image from our luxury photoshoot

Big question…do you have an absolute favourite wedding cake that you have made or are most proud of?

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love making wedding cakes and put my heart and soul into each and every one, so it’s hard to pick a favourite. Probably the cake I’m most proud of was my daughter’s wedding cake. 5 tiers with masses of handmade sugar flowers, sugar ruffles, shimmer and sparkle, all took many hours and late nights to put together. On the morning of the wedding, I even set the cake up at the venue in my rollers! It was made with so much love and I felt incredibly proud to have been able to make it for my daughter’s wedding.

wedding planning lady with 5 tier wedding cake pink flowers white ruffles
Linda and her daughter’s wedding cake

We have known each other for many years Linda, what would you say my style is and how can our clients benefit from booking us both?

We certainly have Lisa and I love working with you. Your style is elegant and timeless with a touch of luxury.  You are a perfectionist and your attention to detail is second to none. By booking us both, a client can be sure that not only will everything match beautifully, but their stationery and cake will complement each other perfectly.

wedding planning wedding invitation gold foil gold ribbon inserts foliage candles stone floor
Cosmopolitan wedding invitation suite
wedding planning mini cakes macarons gold leaf ivory buttercream gold flowers
Mini cupcakes and macarons by Buttercup Cakes

Linda can be found baking in her fab studio in Whaley Bridge in the beautiful Peak District. She works with clients across Cheshire, the North West and beyond. If you are wedding planning and would like to know more about Linda and her business; Buttercup Cakes, please click here to visit her website. If you fancy learning some tricks of the trade, Linda also runs COVID secure cake classes. She also has online training coming soon so do keep an eye on her Facebook and Instagram feeds for details..
Thank you Linda – my address to send the brownies to can be found on my home page. 😉 Ha ha!

Lisa xx

wedding planning graphic wedding supplier spotlight buttercup cakes

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