Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitation Wording – Should you Include RSVP Cards in your Wedding Invitations?

When you send your wedding invitations, you may be wondering whether to include RSVP cards. It may come as a surprise but getting your wedding guests to respond to your wedding invitation can be tricky. There are several ways to ask your wedding guests to acknowledge their acceptance or decline your invitation. Your guests could call, write, text, email or send an RSVP card so which is the best option? Very often your closest friends and family will assume that you know that they will be attending your wedding. Therefore they think they do not need to reply to your invitation. Whilst this...

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Wedding Planning – When You Should Order Your Luxury Wedding Invites

You have probably read lots of advice on when to send your invitations (that is another blog to follow). However, when do you actually order your luxury wedding invites? TOP TIP - Do not leave it until 1 month before you want to send them out! You probably have a full time job, you have a wedding to plan and I bet you are even moving I right? The little job of ordering your wedding invitations can soon sneak up on you. This may sound like a really long time before your wedding but really, it isn't. Here are my reasons why... Timescale Guide 10 months.... Finding the...

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