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Wedding Planning – 10 Top Tips You Will Need to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Invites


Nothing makes it seem more real than receiving your dream wedding invites and delivering them to your guests. This is the first glimpse into the style or theme of your wedding day. Before you can send your wedding invites, there are a few things to consider first. Style, wording, colours, timescales can all seem like endless and overwhelming decisions. Well it doesn’t have to be. Here are few handy tips to get you started.

1. Do you want to send save the dates before your wedding invites?

Save the date cards are sent before wedding invites and are usually sent within a month or two of setting your wedding date and confirming your venue. This is essentially alerting your guests to the fact that they are going to be invited to your wedding and that they should mark the date in their calendars. However, they certainly aren’t mandatory and it does also mean that you need to have your guest list confirmed at the very early stages of your wedding planning.

wedding invites save the date card ivory with red foil edge hand holding

2. Define your wedding style or theme

When you are planning your wedding, before you can even think about your wedding invites, you will need to decide on a theme or style for your day. This will also help to determine the formality of your wedding. Pinterest is a great place to start when looking for inspiration. Whatever style or theme you choose, your wedding invites should reflect that. This is the first glimpse your guests will have into your wedding day giving them a taste of what is to come!

flatlay wedding invites inserts ivory gold foil and ribbon candles foliage on stone floor

3. Choose your wedding colours

Choosing your colour scheme is really important when creating your style. Your chosen colours will need to flow through your decor, flowers, cake, bridesmaids dresses etc. Often the time of year can help with choosing your colours such as Spring fresh pastels or Autumnal rich berry tones. Choose colours you are comfortable with and don’t feel compelled to use the latest trend colours. For example, neon yellow might not be your thing!!

wedding invites card colour chart ribbons on table

4. How many wedding invites do you need?

The most common mistake that people make when counting up their numbers for wedding invites, is to count the number of guests. Generally your guests will be in couples or families. Therefore as a rough gauge, you will probably require approximately half the amount of wedding invites to the number of guests. This is always a very welcome surprise when my clients realise their invitation bill just halved! Always order a few spare in case you have missed somebody off your list.

5. Choosing the right wedding invite format for you

Wedding invites come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Pocketfolds, bundles, flat cards, wallets etc. I bet you are confused now right?! The first thing to decide is the design style that you like the appearance of. Perhaps you like wedding invites with belly bands or invitations with a safe place such as a pocket to keep all of the extra information. Once you have chosen a design style, then you need to think about the amount of extra information you want to provide your guests. If it is simply the venue, time and date, then a flat card may be suitable for you. If you would like to add inserts with information such as accommodation, gifts and an RSVP, then a pocketfold of some description may be more appropriate.

luxury handmade wedding invite ivory card copper foil edge

6. Consider your budget

The price of a wedding invite can vary dramatically. If you have a budget that you need to stick to, then this will determine your choices. However invitations can often be adjusted to suit your budget whether it needs to be simplified to reduce the cost without altering the quality or perhaps the embellishments and finishing need to be enhanced for something more luxurious. 

7. Wedding invite samples

Wedding invites can look very beautiful on a screen, especially when the images have been taken in a studio setting with perfect lighting and carefully chosen props. It is often very difficult to show the true colours and textures of an invitation in a photo. The feel and weight of an invitation is also very important, especially if you are looking for something luxurious. Therefore, my advice would be to order a sample before making your final decision.

luxury wedding invitations silver glitter wire crystal embellishment pocketfold flat lay

8. What information should I include?

Wedding invites are first and foremost a means of information for your guests. The couples names, wedding date and venue are of course vital information. Reply details are also of great importance so that your guests can inform you of their acceptance. You may choose to keep your invitations simple and only include the essential details. Alternatively you may choose to inform your guests about local accommodation or taxi companies particularly if your guests do not know the area local to your wedding venue. You may have a gift list or would prefer money towards a honeymoon or house renovation. Some couples like to offer their guests a choice of menu for the wedding breakfast which also needs to be included in the wedding invites. For more information on what to include in your wedding invitations, please read more HERE.

rustic wedding invites brown card painted colourful florals information rsvp inserts

9. Book your wedding invite production slot early

As a wedding stationer my diary can fill up very quickly several months in advance. There are certain months of the year which can be more busy than others. It is advisable to book your production slot with your wedding stationer as soon as possible particularly for wedding invites. A production slot booking will secure your space in the diary even if you haven’t made a final decision on your chosen wedding stationery. Highly recommended.

wedding invites text reading excellent customer review for Lisa

10. Ask for advice

Chances are, you have never done this before so choosing and ordering your wedding invitations and stationery can seem a little daunting initially. There is so much to choose from and consider but hopefully these tips will be a great help to you. I have been making wedding stationery since 2007 and I have lots of knowledge on this subject so please do ask for advice. No matter how trivial it may seem, I am here to help.

inspired by lisa owner lisa in studio

Your wedding invitations and stationery journey should be smooth and effortless from design conception through to completion. This is an exciting part of your wedding planning journey as you finally get to share the first glimpses of your much anticipated wedding day with your guests. I dedicate my time to all of my clients so that I can offer you the best help and advice along the way to make this journey fun and enjoyable. Please get in touch to arrange a free zoom consultation or an informal chat by email or telephone.

wedding planning graphic floral invite text on top

Wedding Stationery Staffordshire – 10 Items of Wedding Stationery you Didn’t Know you Needed for Your Wedding Day


The wedding invitations were sent months ago! The RSVP’s are finally in and the guest list has been finalised. It’s nearly time for your BIG DAY. Here are 10 items of wedding stationery you didn’t know you needed for your wedding day?

1. Church Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Booklet

If you are getting married in a Church, an order of service booklet is an important part of your wedding stationery. You and your guests will need to know the order of the ceremony and at what points they are required to join in with singing and prayers. The booklet will also include hymns and readings.

Church order of service booklet displayed in basket
Image by James Tracey Photgraphy

2. Civil Ceremony and Reception Order of the Day

We all love to know what is happening and when, right!? A wedding day is perfectly planned and timings are vital to keep the day running smoothly. Including an Order of the Day as part of your wedding stationery will please your guests enormously by telling them where they need to be and at what time. They will especially love to know what time they are being fed!!

Order of the day list of times and events with personalised glitter band rustic kraft card edging
Image by Inspired by Lisa

3. Wedding Guest Seating Plan

This element of wedding stationery can be a real show stopper as well as functional. If you would like your guests to be seated at certain tables for the wedding breakfast, then this is essential. There are lots of creative ways to display your seating plan from traditional ornate frames with floral decoration to individual tables in vintage frames.

Wedding seating plan decorated with gold foil card gold lame ribbon displayed in ornate gold frame
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography
Gold leaf decorated eating plan displayed vintage style gold frames on table foliage flowers candles
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

4. Table Names or Numbers for each Table

When your guests have found their name on the seating plan, they then need to find their table. Whether you have simple numbers or have chosen a name for each table, this will coordinate with your seating plan. Choosing a theme or names for your tables can be a great way of adding personal and unique touches to your wedding day.

table name decorated with silver glitter lace wooden hearts displayed on small metal easel

5. Guest Table Place Setting

A place setting, possibly a place card or tag, is not just an item of wedding stationery but can often be a wedding keepsake too. Guests love to take home a snippet of your day as a reminder of the fun they had. I also think this is an important part of your table decoration and can be displayed in so many creative ways.

Two place name tags decorated with gold leaf gold eyelets dark green ribbon
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography
Two place names decorated with gold leaf displayed in vintage style gold frames
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

6. Wedding Breakfast Menu

As wedding stationery goes, I believe this one is vital! Your guests will want to know what they are about to eat. Whether you have a set menu, or your guests have chosen what they wanted to eat beforehand, they will need a reminder. If your guests chose there menu before the wedding day having personlaised menus is a great help. Often they made their choices months in advance. Would you remember what you chose?

Menu decorated with gold foil edging  emerald green ribbon lay flat on plate
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

7. Personalised Wedding Guest Book

This is a very personal and much loved item of wedding stationery for you to keep forever. Asking your guests to leave messages in your guest book is a lovely thing to read as Mr & Mrs after your wedding day. It is also a lovely way to look back in years to come at the ‘expert’ advice that was offered. I am sure there will a giggle or two in there.

Silver glitter personalised guest book with personalised box
Image by Inspired by Lisa

8. Personalised Wedding Card Post Box

Your wedding guests will bring cards, which may often contain gift vouchers or cash. A safe and obvious place to leave cards is really useful. This can also match all of your wedding stationery and be a useful item to store your memories in after the day.

Tall wedding card post box with lid decorated with burlap, lace twine small paper rose
Image by Inspired by Lisa

9. Wedding Day Signage

Signage is a great way to describe or give helpful instructions for certain parts of your wedding day. This can include things such as ‘welcome to our wedding’ sign, cake flavours for your wedding cake, reserved signs on the Church pews, or even to remind guests to sign your guest book. These are just a few ideas of which there are many more.

Wedding welcome sign decorated with burlap lace twine displayed in ornate white frame
Image by Katie Mortimore Photography

10. Finally…..Do you Need Wedding Stationery or Wedding Stationary?

Wedding stationery and wedding stationary are very often confused. A lot of people use the wrong one when contacting me about their wedding stationery. So hopefully this will help;

STATIONERY is a noun that means tools used in an office or for writing such as paper and pens. You can remember E for Envelopes or ER in paper.

STATIONARY is an adjective used to describe something that is still or not moving. Remember the AR in parked car.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what wedding stationERy you will need. You definitely don’t want a stationARy wedding day! If you would like to discuss your wedding invitations and wedding stationery, please do get in touch. I can provide all of what you need to match your wedding day theme.

Several of the images used within this blog are from a recent photoshoot that was photographed by the wonderful Chelsea Shoesmith Photography. To see behind the scenes at the photoshoot at The Upper House, please read my blog post. Other professional images where specified are by James Tracey Photography and Katie Mortimore. Non-professional images are taken by me!

Lisa xx

The biggest thank you ever to Lisa for making such beautiful stationery for our wedding day. Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with from my first enquiry before I’d even placed an order, and she captured my vision perfectly. She works to such a high professional standard, I couldn’t find fault with any of her work. The quality of the materials Lisa uses is just stunning and really makes everything feel like it’s been made with love and care. Lisa was so friendly and professional, I didn’t feel rushed at all, everything worked around my timings and when deliveries were convenient for me and when the deliveries came everything was packaged with the upmost care so nothing was damaged – including my table plan which came in a frame! I cannot thank Lisa enough or recommend her highly enough, if you truly want something bespoke and luxurious that’s made with love and care with fantastic attention to detail then you must must must order with Lisa xxx ‘ – Pia

information graphic wedding stationery blog post image of table name in frame


Wedding Invitation Wording – Top 10 Tips; What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations


I am often asked ‘what should I include in my wedding invitations?’. Most people have absolutely no idea of what the wedding invitation wording should include. After all, you haven’t done this before. My advice is, don’t over think it, don’t over fill it and most definitely, don’t worry about it!! I have lots of experience in this (over 13 years in fact) so leave it with me!

*Wedding invitation wording doesn’t have to be a stressful task.*

Here are my top 10 tips of what to include in your wedding invitations. Do get in touch with your questions.

1. Wedding Invitation Wording – who, when, where?

The invitation includes the host’s names (this was traditionally the parents as they were often footing the bill, but not always the case today), the couple’s names, the date, the venue(s) and the time of the ceremony.



Hopefully your guests will pop their reply in the post promptly!
The reply card should include a reply address, a date to reply by, a chart for menu choices if required, perhaps a song request for your D.J. or band, and finally any special dietary requirements or allergies. If you want to go that extra mile for your guests, you could include a printed addressed envelope with a stamp.

3. Wedding Venue Details

Within your wedding invitation wording, it is useful to include the full address of both the ceremony and reception venues if they are different. Make sure to include postcodes so your guest can pop it into their sat nav.

4. Venue Accommodation and Prices

If your wedding venue has accommodation, they may be able to offer your guests a preferential room rate. Your guests will love to know about this!

5. Alternative Accommodation and the Location

This is useful, particularly if your guests are travelling. Perhaps mention 2 or 3 that are not too far from your venue. Be careful that you don’t go overboard. Most people use google and will often do their own research!


6. Local Taxi Companies

If your guests are not from the area, local taxi numbers come in very handy. Taxis may also need to be booked in advance which is helpful to mention.

7. Parking at the Wedding Venue

If your guests wish to leave their vehicle at the venue overnight, the venue may request that the vehicle is collected by a certain time the following day.

Rural Wedding Invitations and Stationery information inserts inside wedding invitation by Inspired by Lisa

8. Gifts and How to Ask for Them

It is a fact that your guests WILL want to give you a gift. There are a plethora of poems that politely request money for a new home or the honeymoon of your dreams. Perhaps you have opted for a gift list at a store? You may prefer to request no gifts and ask for a small donation to your favourite charity.

9. Children at Your Wedding

This is becoming increasingly popular as more couples choose, or are simply unable to include children at their wedding. This can be worded appropriately so as not to offend!

10. Wedding Breakfast Menu Options

You may be giving your guests a choice for their meal at your wedding. My advice would be to keep the wording of the menu as simple as possible. There is no need to mention your menu if you are not giving your guests a choice, let it be a surprise!


So, in a nutshell, that covers most points when thinking about your invitations and what to include. Remember, you don’t have to include all of them!
There are many, many ways to word your wedding invitation, whether its formal, fun or quirky, the choice is yours. Please get in touch for advice and suggestions of which I have many. For regular updated inspiration visit my Instagram and Facebook pages.

wedding invitation wording what to include graphic image invitation inserts