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Handmade Wedding Invites – What are the Different Types of Wedding Invitations?


There are many different types of wedding invitations available. Couples often ask me to explain the difference between each type. Whilst I design and hand-make a variety of different types of luxury wedding invitations, these are the 5 types that couples ask for most often. Each of these types of wedding invitations can be decorated and finished in any design style to match your wedding theme and colours. One of the first things to consider when choosing your luxury handmade wedding invitations is the amount of information that you would like to provide for your guests. This will help when choosing the type of wedding invitation that is best for you. If you are unsure of what to include, this is something that I can help you with.

If you would like help or advice on the best type of wedding invitations for you, then I would love to help so please get in touch. I have also written several other blog posts which you may find very useful. The links are at the bottom of this page.

1. Pocketfold wedding invitations

Pocketfold wedding invitations come in many different sizes, usually square or rectangular. The pocketfold wedding invitation has been around for a long time and has been extremely popular over the years. They can be very luxurious and heavyweight which gives a feel of grandeur for your wedding. A great first impression of your wedding day.

These wedding invitations open up to reveal the invitation and information details on the inside. As the name suggests, inside the invitation there is a pocket. These types of wedding invitations are perfect if you want to provide your guests with information and an RSVP card. The information inserts are neatly stacked in a staggered display within the pocket. This invitation can also stand up so that it can be displayed. 

types of wedding invitations pocketfold invitation silver glitter foil edge navy ribbon wire crystal embellishment
types of wedding invitations luxury foil edge invitation inserts

2. Pocketfold wedding invitation with belly band

This type of wedding invitation is another pocketfold which can have a more modern feel. The pocketfold opens out the same as the original pocketfold wedding invitation and has an internal pocket for information inserts. However, the pocketfold is held closed with a belly band. In order to open the invitation and reveal the information inside, the belly band needs to be removed. This is a lovely way to add another layer of surprise and anticipation to your handmade wedding invitations. Like the original pocketfold wedding invitations, these work best with the extra information inserts added to the pocket.

rustic handmade wedding invitations kraft card pocketfold burlap twine lace wooden heart bellyband
rustic handmade wedding invitations inside pocketold inserts kraft card

3. Bundle wedding invitation with belly band

If you are looking for something a little less elaborate than the pocketfold wedding invitation, then the bundle invitations with a belly band may be just what you need. If you would still like to provide your guests with extra information about the wedding day along with an RSVP card, this is a great way to do it. The inserts can be staggered so that they don’t cover the invitation. The belly band is a perfect way to decorate and finish this type of wedding invitation. These types of wedding invitations are a popular choice for both full wedding day invitations and evening invitations too. They can look fantastic with or without inserts. 

types of wedding invitations handmade invite rsvp bellyband white textured painted foliage wreath teal envelopes
luxury handmade wedding invitation bundle rose gold glitter bellyband copper foil edge

4. Flat wedding invitation

These types of wedding invitations are more often than not used as an evening invitation. Although, they can of course be used for day wedding invitations too if you require something without any extra guest information. The invitation is a flat, single sided design. RSVP information can be added to the bottom of the invitation or it can be teamed with a separate RSVP card. If you have chosen to have a more elaborate invitation for your wedding day guests, the flat evening invitation can then compliment your day invites by using the same design style. 

luxury wedding invitations evening invitation flat textured ivory gold foil gold lame ribbon
handmade wedding invitation marble effect geometric lines silver foil edge

5. Wallet wedding invitation

Wallet types of wedding invitations can be very elegant. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wallet can be quite versatile too. Adding a wallet to a simple flat invitation will turn the invitation into something more elaborate and heavyweight. Within the wallet you can just have a flat invitation and you can also add information inserts. The inserts can all be the same size and kept as separate inserts or they can be held together at the top and then staggered. 

types of wedding invitations wallet inserts tied navy ribbon ivory printed card
rustic wallet types of wedding invitations kraft card burgundy ribbon floral wreath names
rustic wallet types of wedding invitations kraft card burgundy ribbon tied inserts floral wreath names

These are my 5 most popular types of wedding invitations, however there are many more options available. Whatever type you choose, your luxury handmade wedding invitations should have the wow factor. There are many design styles to choose from which can be adapted for each of the wedding invitation types too.

Alternative types of wedding invitations include concertina, traditional folded, chequebook, luxury boxed, gatefold, laser-cut and many more. If you would like to know more about any of these types of invitations, please feel free to ask. You can get in touch HERE or;

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How to Place Your Wedding Invitation Order in 10 Easy Steps

Luxury Wedding Invitations – How to Place Your Wedding Invitation Order in 10 Easy Steps


Your wedding planning has started, and I am sure you have discovered there are many things to think about! Your luxury wedding invitation order will be one of those things. I have created a helpful step by step guide as to how the order process works from initial enquiry to design completion.

1. What do you require?

When you first get in touch you will probably have lots of questions. In order to help with your wedding invitation order, I will have a chat with you to establish what you are looking for. We can discuss any ideas you may have and the style of invitation that you would like. I will find out more about the style or theme of your wedding day and how your invitations can continue your theme. This will be your guests first insight into your wedding day and it is essential to get the styling exactly right.

We will also need to discuss details that you require for your wedding invitations such as the amount of information you want to give your guests. Do they need information about local accommodation? Are you having menu choices for your guests? How many invitations do you need? Have a read of my wedding invitation wording blog for more help with this.

wedding invitation order white green leaf wreath silhouette dark green envelope invitation bundle

2. Discovery consultation

In order to find out about your design style and the wording information required there are several ways we can chat.

Many of us lead busy lives and time is often short. Chatting by email in your own time may be the best means of communication for you.

Alternatively, we can have a chat over the telephone and follow up with images and ideas sent by email.

If you prefer something more visual and personal a zoom call may be more appropriate for you. I will be able to show you some of my collections along with card and embellishment samples.

wedding invitation order rolls of ribbon stacked

3. Personalised proposal

Once I have an idea of your requirements, I will put together an initial proposal just for you. In the proposal will be a short insight into how we can work together on your wedding invitations and how the process will work. The proposal will also include some wedding invitation images and estimated prices based on what we have already discussed. At this stage nothing is set in stone and can be changed or developed to suit.

wedding invitation order proposal graphic image of hands making

4. Sample wedding invitation

The next stage would be to order a sample. Your colour scheme is used where possible. Wording would be fictitious at this stage. The main purpose of a sample is to allow you to see the quality of my work and the materials that I use. If you have chosen to go for a bespoke design any fees will be discussed before making a sample for you.

handmade wedding invitations invite painted foliage wreath textured white teal envelope

5. Place your wedding invitation order

Hopefully you will be over the moon with your luxury wedding invitation sample, and would like to place your wedding invitation order at this stage. To place your order I will need your personal details along with your order requirements. A rough order is acceptable initially with confirmed quantities to be agreed before your order is made. Your order details will be captured on a simple electronic form which will be emailed to you. This information is for my eyes only and is never shared with a third party.

luxury wedding invitation flat invite rose gold glitter satin ribbon bow copper foil edge

6. Secure your booking with a deposit

Once I have received your wedding invitation order, I will send you an invoice for 25% of the total order. This can be paid by bank transfer to secure your order. You are now booked into my diary with all prices confirmed and secured. You can add to your order at a later date if required.

7. Proofs for your wedding invitations

This is where things start to get exciting! Your invitations can now start to take shape. I will ask you to provide me with all the wording for your wedding invitations including any information inserts and RSVP details. Please do not panic, I can help with the wording and suggestions of what you should include. If you prefer, you can send your information in note form and allow me to arrange it for you. Once all the wording has been collated, I will arrange it onto each part of your invitation and send you electronic proofs. It is your responsibility to carefully check the proofs. Asking a friend or family member to cast their eye over everything is also recommended. If you would like to make any changes, now is your last chance before production.

wedding invitation rustic inside pocketold inserts kraft card

8. Time to start making!

So, now you are happy with the design, the colours and the arrangement of your luxury wedding invitations. You have triple checked the wording on every part of your invitation and it is all now signed off and good to go. After I have received your approval, I will send your balance invoice. If you have decided that you would like a few more wedding invitations adding to your order, now is your chance. Work can now commence on your order!!  

wedding invitation order image lady at desk cutting stationery window behind

9. Delivery

As I progress with work on your handmade wedding invitations, I will keep you updated with timescales and an expected delivery date. Once finished your order will be carefully packaged using recycled or biodegradable packaging where possible (I aim for safety and environmentally friendly packing over pretty). When your order is finally ready to go, I will be in touch to confirm the delivery details and a convenient delivery day.

10. Review your experience

When you receive your order the excitement about your wedding day will be very real. You can finally tell the world (well your guests) all the details about your wedding day. I will be in touch to make sure you are 100% happy with your wedding invitation order. It would be lovely and hugely helpful to other couples searching for their perfect wedding invitations, if you could review your experience working with me. There are lots of ways to leave me a review. They can be left on Facebook, or Google, or it can be sent directly to me by email.

wedding invitation order graphic review wording blue background

IMPORTANT – please read

The most important thing to remember when placing your wedding invitation order is I am here to help every step of the way. My aim is to make the whole process as stress free as possible. I dedicate my time to every client and pay great attention to detail so that the design journey from conception to completion is smooth and effortless resulting in your dream wedding invitations and stationery. Your luxury wedding invitations will wow you and your guests, providing a lasting memory of one of the most important days of your life. Along with my passion to design and create, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge and have been working with wedding clients across the UK since 2007.

Please get in touch HERE for an informal chat. I would love to hear your wedding plans and can’t wait to help you with your luxury wedding invitations and stationery.


wedding stationer image of ladies face hair in bun

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DIY Wedding Invitations – How to ‘Design it Yourself’ Without the Stress of ‘Do it Yourself’ 


When you dream about your wedding, how do you imagine it? Have you considered DIY wedding invitations ​as you want them to be unique and personal to you both? If the answer is yes, STOP right there! The DIY or ‘do it yourself’ approach whilst very personal can also be very time consuming. Unless you have the skills required, it can also be very stressful. (Have a read of ‘Why You Need a Wedding Stationer’ for more information.)

So, here’s my suggestion. Rather than ‘do it yourself’ how about ‘design it yourself’ and let me do the rest? Your exclusive luxury wedding invites can be designed by you and handmade ​with skill and perfection ​by me.

I recently worked with Ellie on her ‘DIY’ wedding invitations. Ellie and her partner Matt wanted very unique and personal handmade wedding invitations and the outcome was just perfect.

diy wedding invitation white invite navy blue belly band twine printed logo tag

Getting to know my client

‘Hiya, I’ve been following your page for quite some time now and it’s finally time for me to start thinking about ordering our wedding invitations… I have a few ideas as to what we’d like …’

Ellie got in touch via my Inspired by Lisa facebook page which she had been following for some time. She had been searching for her dream wedding invitations without success. Ellie had a collection of saved images for inspiration along with a head full of ideas. She knew the look that she wanted to achieve but couldn’t find it anywhere.​ ​We talked about the wedding venue, the chosen colour scheme and the look that they both wanted to achieve for their wedding invitations. The wedding venue was particularly important as it is on a beach in Ilfracombe in Devon. This was to become the main theme for the invitations.

diy wedding invitations close up navy belly band twine bow vellum logo tag

Unique ‘DIY’ wedding invitations

Ellie sent me various images she had collected for inspiration. She was also very keen to fulfil her own ideas. Ellie and Matt had their own wedding logo which had already been uniquely designed for them to use throughout their wedding. T​his logo was a must for their wedding invitations too.​ They had also recently had an engagement photoshoot on a beach in Ilfracombe and really wanted to make use of their beautiful images.

diy wedding invitations open invitation printed wording pocket inserts belly band

Design Ideas

I discussed at length with Ellie, several design ideas. It was important at this stage to discover what Ellie liked and disliked and the design elements that were most important to her. I listened to Ellie’s requirements and looked at the images she had sent me for inspiration. I shared several images of wedding invitations that I had already made along with suggestions of how I could incorporate everything that she wanted and keep with her beach theme. Ellie particularly liked my Meadow pocketfold design with the wash background and a personalised belly band.

diy wedding invitations flay lay invitation information rsvp belly band silk ribbon white lavendar

Handmade wedding invitation samples

These handmade wedding invitations were going to be very bespoke and a sample would definitely be required. Ellie wasn’t quite sure what I meant by some of the design elements that I suggested, however she was happy for me to try design ideas.  She was confident in my skills as well as my understanding of her ideas and the look she wanted to achieve. I produced 2 samples based on all that we had discussed. This meant she had some choice and alternative ideas to consider.​ ​Before making Ellie’s samples, we discussed the possible cost of subsequent invites to keep things transparent and informed.

‘You’re literally the best! Never been more thankful for stumbling across a Facebook page. (I was getting stressed about finding a stationer) x’

diy wedding invitations close up logo inside wedding invitation blurred out

DIY Wedding Invitations Order

‘Hi Lisa! We received our samples yesterday and are absolutely over the moon with what you’ve put together for us. So I’ll get in touch in the next day or so to confirm everything and have a look at starting to write the info etc we’d like xx’  

Ellie and Matt received their samples and were ​over the moon. Ellie was very precise, and after discussions with her Maid of Honours, she ha​d​ a few tweaks that she wanted me to try for her. The third sample was sent and we were good to go!

‘So we received our third sample today…… and we absolutely LOVE IT!!! The logo looks amazing the way you’ve done it. Thank you so so much for adapting it all, it all looks amazing.’

‘I know I’m a perfectionist but thank you so so much for your patience. They are going to be PERFECT!!! Xxx’

diy wedding invitations detail image navy belly band twine bow vellum logo tag

Final handmade bespoke wedding invitations

The next stage in the process was for Elle and Matt to place their order. Once the design was approved, Ellie sent me all of the wording that she would like to include in her invitations. I arranged it accordingly and sent proofs via email. Of course, there were many unique touches to the wording such as icons instead of headings and very personal wording.

‘Hello lovely! Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY put our invites together last night and got them all posted this morning. They’re absolutely perfect – can’t wait for people to start receiving them!! X

‘They’re exactly what I wanted and a million times more x’

diy wedding invitations white invitation navy bellyband twine vellum tag inserts

Thank you

When Ellie first contacted me, she had no idea what to expect​ from me but knew what she wanted to achieve​. After much conversation she gained trust in my knowledge and experience and felt confident that I was able to achieve what she wanted. Thank you so much to Ellie and Matt for choosing me to make their perfect wedding invitations for them. I am very excited to be making their matching ‘on the day’ stationery soon.


‘Just wanna say a massive thank you to Lisa for our wedding invitations. They’ve been sat here for a few weeks now but yesterday evening I finally put them all together and posted them out this morning. They are absolutely PERFECT. I am, annoyingly, an absolute perfectionist when it comes to things like this and had Lisa tweaking the tiniest of things over the course of us designing these and putting our ideas together and not once did she object. They are absolutely everything we thought they’d be and so much more – I’ve never been more grateful to have stumbled across a Facebook page. I cannot wait for our guests to receive them over the next few days! Thank you so so much Lisa, you are so great! I’ll continue to recommend you to anyone that asks and we’ll be in touch soon to organise our signage’ – Ellie and Matt

diy wedding invitations graphic wording on blue grey background

Save The Date – Reasons Why You Should Send Wedding Save The Date Cards


Once you have booked the wedding date, your wedding planning to-do list will be full steam ahead. Wedding save the date cards may well be one of the first items on your to-do list. Possibly with a question mark. Whilst not mandatory they are a very useful way of making sure your guests are available for your wedding date. I know from experience that the earlier you can let your guests know of your wedding date, the more likely they are to be able to attend. I chose not to send wedding save the date cards when I got married. As a result some of my most important guests had already booked their holidays. Here are a few useful reasons why you should send wedding save the date cards.

wedding save the data cards postponement ivory Kraft brown envelope hand holding

What is the purpose of a wedding save the date card?

A save the date card is essentially alerting your guests that they are invited to your wedding and a formal wedding invitation will follow. Your guests can mark the date on their busy calendars. This allows them to make plans around your wedding date and avoid double booking. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a busy schedule these days (well, in normal times which are coming)? Many people book both personal and professional dates and events well in advance. The more notice you can give your guests the more likely they are to be able to attend. Wedding save the date cards are also particularly useful if the wedding is abroad or your guests will need to travel. This allows them extra time to make arrangements. 

save the date ivory card red shiny edge red envelope hand held

When should we send our wedding save the dates?

Save the date cards can be sent as soon as you have booked your wedding date and confirmed your venue. If you have booked your wedding date a long time in advance and would like to wait a little, then a good time scale would be 12-18 months before your wedding to send save the date cards. Bear in mind that you will need to have a confirmed guest list before sending wedding save the dates. Once a save the date card is sent, your guest will expect a formal invitation to follow so you can’t un-invite them at this stage! My advice would be to only send them to those you know you 100% want at your wedding. You can always add to the list as you go.

save the date cards ivory pale pink pink glitter crystal embellishment

What information should you include on wedding save the date cards?

The great thing about save the date cards is that you can keep them simple. As mentioned earlier, this is simply to notify your guests that they are invited to your wedding and should save the date in their diary. Your names, wedding date, and the location are sufficient. It is important to mention the location if the wedding is going to be abroad or if your guests will need to travel. However, some couples like to keep the venue secret for a little longer. If you plan to send wedding save the date cards to both day and evening guests you should also specify this on the card to avoid any confusion at a later date. My advice would be to send save the dates to your day guests initially and then consider the evening guests a little later on.

wedding save the dates ivory card blue ribbon bow hand held faded background

Can’t we just send wedding invitations really early and not send save the date cards?

Quite often a lot of information will need to be included in a wedding invitation. It will need to include the venue, time of ceremony, possibly menu options, local accommodation, gift information, RSVP card with reply date etc. (For more help with this click here.) Much of the information that needs to be included may not have been finalised at the early stages of planning. It is also possible that you may not have finalised your wedding colour scheme. This would need to be reflected in your invitations. It is not essential to show your wedding style and colours in your save the date cards. If necessary they can be made in neutral colours. This also adds to the anticipation of receiving the actual wedding invitation.

wedding save the date postponement white rose gold glitter rose pink ribbon knot lots of cards

Brides prerogative

So you have booked your wedding date and the excitement is building. You want the whole world to know you are getting married. You are probably simply just too excited and can’t wait to share your wedding date with your guests. This is a perfect reason to send wedding save the date cards! This will also build up more excitement and anticipation for the wedding as your guests will eagerly await formal invitations.

wedding save the date cards rustic lace burlap twine bow wooden heart dried flowers

We are planning for a brighter future

Whilst save the date cards are not as essential as your wedding invitations, they are very useful. It is the perfect way to ensure you have your most important guests at your wedding. With the postponement of many weddings throughout 2020 and now 2021 due to COVID-19, the future is looking extremely busy for weddings once they return. Making sure your guests save the date for your wedding in advance has never been so important as we all begin to catch up on the holidays and events we have missed. We are all keen to plan and fill up our diaries again with exciting things to look forward to. Now more than ever we want to be surrounded by our family and friends so don’t leave it to chance. Send a wedding save the date card!

Let’s get planning and looking forward.

We absolutely love our Save The Day cards that Lisa made for us. We chose a lavender theme and Lisa is going to work with us to incorporate lavender into the place settings on the day. The service was amazing, Lisa is so friendly and we are so excited to send the cards out ♥️‘ – Kerry & Richard

wedding save the dates lilac watercolour floral tag white string bow dried lavendar

If you are ready to order your save the date cards or would like more information about any wedding stationery please get in touch by clicking the button below.

Wedding Stationery Staffordshire – 10 Items of Wedding Stationery you Didn’t Know you Needed for Your Wedding Day


The wedding invitations were sent months ago! The RSVP’s are finally in and the guest list has been finalised. It’s nearly time for your BIG DAY. Here are 10 items of wedding stationery you didn’t know you needed for your wedding day?

1. Church Wedding Ceremony Order of Service Booklet

If you are getting married in a Church, an order of service booklet is an important part of your wedding stationery. You and your guests will need to know the order of the ceremony and at what points they are required to join in with singing and prayers. The booklet will also include hymns and readings.

Church order of service booklet displayed in basket
Image by James Tracey Photgraphy

2. Civil Ceremony and Reception Order of the Day

We all love to know what is happening and when, right!? A wedding day is perfectly planned and timings are vital to keep the day running smoothly. Including an Order of the Day as part of your wedding stationery will please your guests enormously by telling them where they need to be and at what time. They will especially love to know what time they are being fed!!

Order of the day list of times and events with personalised glitter band rustic kraft card edging
Image by Inspired by Lisa

3. Wedding Guest Seating Plan

This element of wedding stationery can be a real show stopper as well as functional. If you would like your guests to be seated at certain tables for the wedding breakfast, then this is essential. There are lots of creative ways to display your seating plan from traditional ornate frames with floral decoration to individual tables in vintage frames.

Wedding seating plan decorated with gold foil card gold lame ribbon displayed in ornate gold frame
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography
Gold leaf decorated eating plan displayed vintage style gold frames on table foliage flowers candles
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

4. Table Names or Numbers for each Table

When your guests have found their name on the seating plan, they then need to find their table. Whether you have simple numbers or have chosen a name for each table, this will coordinate with your seating plan. Choosing a theme or names for your tables can be a great way of adding personal and unique touches to your wedding day.

table name decorated with silver glitter lace wooden hearts displayed on small metal easel

5. Guest Table Place Setting

A place setting, possibly a place card or tag, is not just an item of wedding stationery but can often be a wedding keepsake too. Guests love to take home a snippet of your day as a reminder of the fun they had. I also think this is an important part of your table decoration and can be displayed in so many creative ways.

Two place name tags decorated with gold leaf gold eyelets dark green ribbon
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography
Two place names decorated with gold leaf displayed in vintage style gold frames
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

6. Wedding Breakfast Menu

As wedding stationery goes, I believe this one is vital! Your guests will want to know what they are about to eat. Whether you have a set menu, or your guests have chosen what they wanted to eat beforehand, they will need a reminder. If your guests chose there menu before the wedding day having personlaised menus is a great help. Often they made their choices months in advance. Would you remember what you chose?

Menu decorated with gold foil edging  emerald green ribbon lay flat on plate
Image by Chelsea Shoesmith Photography

7. Personalised Wedding Guest Book

This is a very personal and much loved item of wedding stationery for you to keep forever. Asking your guests to leave messages in your guest book is a lovely thing to read as Mr & Mrs after your wedding day. It is also a lovely way to look back in years to come at the ‘expert’ advice that was offered. I am sure there will a giggle or two in there.

Silver glitter personalised guest book with personalised box
Image by Inspired by Lisa

8. Personalised Wedding Card Post Box

Your wedding guests will bring cards, which may often contain gift vouchers or cash. A safe and obvious place to leave cards is really useful. This can also match all of your wedding stationery and be a useful item to store your memories in after the day.

Tall wedding card post box with lid decorated with burlap, lace twine small paper rose
Image by Inspired by Lisa

9. Wedding Day Signage

Signage is a great way to describe or give helpful instructions for certain parts of your wedding day. This can include things such as ‘welcome to our wedding’ sign, cake flavours for your wedding cake, reserved signs on the Church pews, or even to remind guests to sign your guest book. These are just a few ideas of which there are many more.

Wedding welcome sign decorated with burlap lace twine displayed in ornate white frame
Image by Katie Mortimore Photography

10. Finally…..Do you Need Wedding Stationery or Wedding Stationary?

Wedding stationery and wedding stationary are very often confused. A lot of people use the wrong one when contacting me about their wedding stationery. So hopefully this will help;

STATIONERY is a noun that means tools used in an office or for writing such as paper and pens. You can remember E for Envelopes or ER in paper.

STATIONARY is an adjective used to describe something that is still or not moving. Remember the AR in parked car.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what wedding stationERy you will need. You definitely don’t want a stationARy wedding day! If you would like to discuss your wedding invitations and wedding stationery, please do get in touch. I can provide all of what you need to match your wedding day theme.

Several of the images used within this blog are from a recent photoshoot that was photographed by the wonderful Chelsea Shoesmith Photography. To see behind the scenes at the photoshoot at The Upper House, please read my blog post. Other professional images where specified are by James Tracey Photography and Katie Mortimore. Non-professional images are taken by me!

Lisa xx

The biggest thank you ever to Lisa for making such beautiful stationery for our wedding day. Lisa was an absolute pleasure to work with from my first enquiry before I’d even placed an order, and she captured my vision perfectly. She works to such a high professional standard, I couldn’t find fault with any of her work. The quality of the materials Lisa uses is just stunning and really makes everything feel like it’s been made with love and care. Lisa was so friendly and professional, I didn’t feel rushed at all, everything worked around my timings and when deliveries were convenient for me and when the deliveries came everything was packaged with the upmost care so nothing was damaged – including my table plan which came in a frame! I cannot thank Lisa enough or recommend her highly enough, if you truly want something bespoke and luxurious that’s made with love and care with fantastic attention to detail then you must must must order with Lisa xxx ‘ – Pia

information graphic wedding stationery blog post image of table name in frame


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